one week in august

(Saduran dari friendster blog gue 2)

ONE WEEK IN AUGUST {2005.08.14}

AGT 06, 2005

Houdini sakit… Kupingnya bengkak tebel banget! gue takut bgt b’coz I love her very much!!! Dokter said she needs to be operated malam ini juga. Ternyata kupingnya gatel krn ada flea. Geezz… so she scrathed her ear dan membuat pembuluh darah di kupingnya pecah. that’s where the blood came from and membengkak. I left her at the clinic for boarding. The surgery went well. Hope she’ll be OK.

AGT 07, 2005
Shut up and be nice…. you two act like kids… the psycho bitch should give him a break… have mercy.. feeling sad looking at them two… what can I do? nothin’.. except give comfort to him… hope someday they (especially her) find a way to realize all this..and fix it…. so many years, how could they let it happen…

Some birthdays celebrate today, I called 3 people… there’s one I was very close for years.. too bad things didn’t go as we thought it would be…it was precious… this person heard, thought and assumed wrong.. negativity on logical perpective and judgement blurred this person vision dan hati nurani…what a waste.. but I feel glad now.. my circle of friends are great… best to keep the Quality than quantity.. I have too much headache on others things…. better not adding another one…

Ke Ragusa di Veteran… happy times… Banana Cafe di Dharmawangsa Sq, slept all through the nite…

AGT 08, 2005
Ahhh.. I hate monday…

AGT 09, 2005
Hmm…I have this urge to call this person from the past… it’s his birthday today… I don’t know why, this year I feel like talking to him and asking if he’s ok… However, I decided to let it go… let it sleep on the ground and moving on… he’s one of the most kindest man in this world… I hope he’s well and happy… and have a wonderful marriage like me and Andy… Amen…

Got some brief on my desk… 3 diffferent brands all together… and there’s one crazy “papa Smurf” driving us nuts…

Andy picked Houdini up. Tapi malemnya perban di kupingnya copot. So we had to take her back to the clinic and board her… poor girl… 😦

AGT 10, 2005
Karaoke with Adhit, Peddy, Aldi, Fia dan Dewi di Piknik Fatmawati….

AGT 11, 2005
Good news from my bestfriend…she got the job…

Frustrated over one brief… perhaps I need a long break..

AGT 12, 2005
Hmm…Nice day at the office…had lunch in Hard Rock, Dinner di Keyaki Sari Pan Pacific, and hang out in Zoom at Nikko…


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