Menjadi Lebih Tegar dan Dewasa


another thing to laugh out loud since I have been working in that office
sometimes when I lose my faith working there, I refer it as office from hell… because so far, I have never found/seen such childish acts happens a lot in my previous offices…

one day, I saw a bunch of clown walking on the alley and yell about one person doing ass licking in order to get something “hot & cool must have merchandise”… the “it” by a fruit company in California… oohh come on people… no need to do some ass licking while the person those clown refering can buy the “it”… When I went home from office, I stopped by at my parents house and discussed about this issue…

Finally…. I’ve reached my comfort zone…
thank God for them (my parents) for being wise and experienced…
they open my eyes and membuat gue memaklumi those clowns…
gue menyadari bahwa cobaan itu membuat gue lebih dewasa, tegar dan matang… terlebih lagi gue menyadari bahwa apapun yang terjadi, Allah bersama gue… selalu…


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