Wak Eli


My uncle called at 7:25pm when I was driving my car from office… at that time my friends and I were talking and laughing about things happened in the office that day… Om Syahril delivered the news about wak Eli’s passing… wow.. it was so sudden… My mom called afterwards, she asked me to fly to jogja with her… I am not sure if I can…

She was just few months away from going to Mecca for Haj… sayang banget… tapi kata orang pahalanya udah sampe… I called my cousin, Ela (wak Eli’s daughter).. she said wak Eli hari ini manasik haji dan arisan…ternyata setelah maghrid she’s gone…

Life is unpredictable… umur, jodoh, rejeki di tangan tuhan… I cannot imagine if I have to lose my parents… gue belum siap dan belum kuat kalau itu happen sama gue saat saat ini… I still need them.. very much so… and I am sure my brothers and sisters do too…

Semoga Allah memaafkan dosa-dosa wak Eli dan menerima semua amal ibadahnya

May she rests in piece


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