Curhat Session, Jam 1 Malam

Curhat Jam 1 Malam…

GOD BLESS at 1am
God bless
for giving me some true friends… some bestfriends whose always “be there” in good and bad times… those who don’t nag or complain, those who don’t sweat small things, those who don’t demand another bestfriend “to always be there” aaaaallll the time whatever the circumstances are (aduh, irritating deh)… God bless I can be bestfriends with those people without living in certain “rules and obligations” of the “Indonesian Bestfriend rules of thumbs definition” God Bless in spite of the most super-duper difficulties (ever in my life) I am facing right now, those true friends are exists and fill my emptiness moments to joy with laughter…

One of those special people is Dewi... she called me in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping like a baby… She woke me up and I was excited getting her call… I really miss her…we haven’t talk quite a long time… she lives in the State, San Francisco to be exact, and we don’t contact each other often coz we both live in such a busy life… But talking to her, sharing and exchanging our stories really help me lifting up some heavy burden on my shoulders…

We talked almost over an hour… (wah cellphone bill gue roaming abis pasti.. but I don’t care…!) It’s been a long time since the last time we had heart to heart conversation… She really helps me getting my misery out of my chest… Thank God for having her as one of my closest friend…

Everyday I learn new things.. and tonight, I learned that I wasn’t alone after all… (whatever other people translate whatever that means, just let it be their imagination and prediction…coz I won’t tell) but regardless of my grumble and self-pitty, hell yeah… I wasn’t alone…

It is 2 am now.. everybody’s asleep.. I am here, still in the middle of the night, alone in my room and for the first time within this almost past 3 weeks, I wasn’t feel alone at all..! (I hope I don’t feel this as a temporary being..hehehe) I looked at a clock on my wall, it’s 2.30 am already….

*Sigh… I should be thankful with the life God’s given me… Regardless of the cobaan terberat gue, God Bless for giving me a very good job (secara negara ini sedang susah…) and for having me surrounding with family who loves me unconditionaly, and bestfriends who sincerely care about me… God Bless for giving me great true friends….!!!

Thank You Vivi
Sms loe kemaren bikin gue bahagia, yang saat gue trima, gue sedang berada di antara kepingan kepingan sebuah porselen antik berharga yang hancur berantakan (*hehehe masih bisa pake bahasa kiasan…) I love you Vi.. you are my very very bestfriend… I don’t know what I do without you… Ngga ada kata kata lain selain Thank You!

Vi, you are a great listener, great advisor, you don’t judge and yet you don’t take side, you can clear mind and you give the best support ever… you feel and put yourself in other’s shoes… you are a trully great bestfriend !!! I am so lucky to have you as one of my bestfriends.

Yang paling bikin gue bless adalah though kita ngga selalu telponan tiap hari atau tiap minggu, atau kita ngga selalu ketemuan sering sering (paling di usahakan sebulan sekali ya..pake acara bolos segala hehehe…), tapi yang paling penting kita sama sama tau bestfriend itu lebih dalem daripada harus selalu ada dan update melulu setiap waktu… bestfriends yang bisa menjalanin hidupnya sendiri2 tanpa takut di judge dan takut di sensi-in (apalagi negatif thinking) dan pada saat senang atau susah kita baru mengabari untuk berbagi (tanpa takut di komentarin “doo kemane aje loo?!”) dan kita bisa langsung saling expressing our emotion the moment we contact each other, (bahkan ngga pake contact udah ngebatin kayak telepati), that kind of cool friendship we have is the one I treasure the most!!!

Me Alone
Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…. Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh! Biasanya gue kalo ke dokter atau ke PIM sendirian ngga masalah… kali ini gue freaking out! Allah…!! please listen to my prayers…!!! please please please……


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