agak sedih gue hari ini… semakin lama gue merasa salah satu temen deket gue makin menutup diri.. perasaan sih bukan hanya sama gue, tapi sama group berangkat kantor bareng…

sejak berangkat kantor mulai jarang bersama2, dan gue kadang pulang kantor ga bareng karena ada tambahan di luar after work, ditambah dengan jadinya kita semua part timer ngajar, apalagi schedule ada beberapa yang beda, dia mulai kelihatan menjaga jarak.. kalo pulang kantor sih biasa aja.. menjadi diri dia yang rame dan lucu seperti biasa.. tapi sudah dua hari ini dia kelihatan murung… hhm.. not really murung sih.. tapi sort of keep a distant, very quite – more than she used to – sort of like she holds a grudge against something…

this morning I asked her why didn’t she go to work with us (since she, and this one other friend, had to go to our office earlier time, starting at 8, whereas everybody starting at 9)… she just simply said, “nevermind, I’ll just go by myself…” in a cold tone… what’s weird is when we talked about other things (after and before I asked her that question, she uses normal tone.. not really show any resentment..)

trying hard not to think negative, coz I know she’s a very nice and kind person.. I look for answer and comfort, and one of our good friends told me, she might has some thoughts from home… I agreed and nodded..

sometimes, I have a disturbed mind… is it me? is it us? is it her? or is it the place we work for created this…? is it…? is it…? I don’t know.. lately I have been mising her, coz we used to spend so much time together, most of them are great times… I miss all the fun, nice, funny, great moments, all the things with her, bad or good times… then I found out a funny thing, my other friend who’s always go to office and home together feels the same way..

I wonder what’s wrong.. is she ok… is she mad.. is she in trouble… is she pissed… hhmm…

A month passed.. she’s back to where she is.. I am glad.. our other friends glad.. she’s not quite like before, but at least close to she used to or I should say a much better looking… I am happy that she’s happy… I am glad she’s coping out from whatever that made her cold…

I spoke to my friend through YM this morning and ask her what should we do.. she said.. just let her have her space.. perhaps she needs it for whatever reasons… Yup! I would do that… I pray the best for her… and will be a good friend whenever she needs me…

I am glad for our friendships….

to all my 6 DeJockeys friends… I love you guys !!!!

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