HURT…. this word annoys me…

as a Libran, I am very sensitive human being… not like I am happy it sticks on me, I hate being sensitive.. but what can I do.. I was born with it.. and I have to live with it…

Today’s HURT moment was when one of my very good friend said something about my {so called ex} bestfriend who commenting on me and my life… hhm… how can I say this… gini… there’s a girl, let’s call her Cecil… she was one of my bestfriends back in the US… anyway, one day….

There goes the story… playing on my head… and I just stop typing my curahan hati and listen to some crapy music out of my radio… I decided to stop typing coz I didn’t wanna get hurt too much and it wasn’t worth it.. she wasn’t worth it…!!! I am glad to where I am now.. having a very quality friends… closefriends I should say… not concern much on having a quantity friends anymore… though I still have lots of them, but when I get older, my point of view changes…
Now I feel sorry for her.. she’s trap in her own bad mood, a negative mode, a dark aura… I am not perfect.. I have lots of weaknesses.. But I am trying sooo hard… to like myself and to improve myself, to be a better person day by day.. for God, for me, for my husband, for my family, for my friends and everybody I care…

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