misery and agony

I have been walking far away, seems like an endless road, couldn’t find an exit for a destination.

I have been looking for things, many things I couldn’t find, looking around I am lost… I sigh… I scream… where to go.. where to find… I am still lost…

I have zillions of regrets… wanting so bad to fix them… but this endless road getting me nowhere.. I am exhausted.. I am very exhausted… then I run…. run fast and faster… couldn’t stop running I feel my body ache… no… it’s not my body… it’s inside… yes, the pain coming from inside me… I scream… 

I am afraid to be alone though I want it so bad… yes… to be alone.. to be leaving alone…!!!!!!

slowly I stop… looking around, still empty… I close my eyes and try to think… no.. I can’t think! As I close my eyes, I am seeing millions of pictures of agony, misery and despair mixing with sentimental memories that I’ve missed the most… then slowly, I feel the lightest weight of myself.. I feel flying.. flying higher and higher… and I am seeing myself reaching to that place… the place that I have been looking for…

I smile with teardrops… cannot wait till I get there… till now, I let my mind play the most freedom I have… dreaming… for an endless love, life and happiness…



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