My youngest brother sent me a message from Brazil… I miss him… apa kabar dia..

Ibrahim cerita ttg pengalamannya di Brazil dan trip pelantikan Capoeira-nya disana… hmm… cukup adventurous dan seru…
akhirnya dia selesai S1… can’t wait to go to London to attend his graduation ceremony this October… However, since he had to go back to Indonesia for my dad during his final thesis (twice!), it created a little obstacle on moving on smoothly to his S2 at Imperial… the school had acknowledge the circumstances and will consider the issue. I will pray hard for him… 
Pray hard and wish Allah will give the best for him… whatever the result from the school’s decision on their internal meeting for this special issue this mid August, I am sure Brahim will do great.. coz he’s very smart and he’s a great person inside and out… a perfect man like my father…

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