Feeling worthless, feeling like hanging out alone… doing things I like to do… eat! and shopping… sitting on a sushi bar by myself.. listening to people’s conversation… relieve me for a moment… 

after few sips of my hot Ocha, I’m getting phone calls from some friends who love and care about me… sincerely… accept me from who I am…

time passed by so fast, I had to go back…

walking back home, I bumped into Naz.. she looked thin than the last time I saw her… Shahnaz and I chit-chat for a while… told her that her mother in law and I will be going abroad this sunday… then, we said goodbye and I sent my regards to Gilang, her husband…

on the way home.. aarrgghhhh fill up some gas… Gosh, fuel prices really killing me.. my driver, pak Oyi accompanied me complaining.. well.. I shouldn’t complain… nothing’s gonna change anyway… but he was a good company for me today….

back in my room.. same o same o… waiting for my lovely husband to come home.. I want to ask him out to PIM again… just to get some fresh air… again…

is Papua a good place to stay?

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