September Rain

…Once upon a time, in a La La land about 13 hundreds years ago, there were two bestfriends (a boy and a girl) having a romantic candle light dinner in a romantic restaurant that has a colonial architecture located in front of an old museum. Sadly, it was a farewell dinner for them, since the girl was going to go far far away to another land… 

After a nice dinner, the boy had to take his best friend home… on the way home, in their horse carriage, they exchanged gifts as a symbol of their long friendship as best friends and also as a symbol of their feeling towards each other. The girl wanted the boy open the gift after he gets home for a particular reason… surprisingly, the boy gave the gift first and show it to her… turned out that they had similar gift, each give each other song!

On the way home, in front of a big river near the palace, the boy played his song in the carriage… making the girl’s face turn read and her heart beats… 


Mungkin saja kau sering mendengar
Nama lain selain namamu
Mungkin juga kau lihat wajah lain selain wajahmu

Namun kasih percaya padaku
Hanya satu hatiku untukmu
Jangan lagi kau ragukan cintaku
Semuanya milikmu

Kasih…. Percayalah
Kasih… Yakinkanlah
Kasih… Sejujurnya kuterlalu sayang padamu

Kini kasih percaya padaku
Hanya satu hatiku untukmu
Jangan lagi kau ragukan cintaku
semuanya milikmu

Kasih… Percayalah
Kasih… Yakinkanlah
Kasih… Seujurnya kuterlalu sayang padamu 

(by Andre Hehanusa)

… the girl became very speechless… her heart torn, sad, happy, confuse…. tomorrow she’ll leave him to the very far far away land on the other side on the earth, for years…!!! what should she say… her mind and feeling fought.. fought hard… honestly she had been feeling the same for a quite long time… but it was like a forbidden love that almost an impossible one… the boy had been turning his face away from the girl, feeling shy… then, in front of a giant water fountain in the city she ask the boy to open his gift and she played the song for him… she asked, if he wanted her response and to be taken seriously or wanted to know the answer to the song or ignore, or others… She told him if he wanted her response, he should also listen to the song she gave him… still shy, he agreed…


Sungguh aku malu, lihat matamu
Tersirat disana, yang ada dalam benak dan, 
Tak mungkin berani kuucapkan

Gelisah terasa saat bersamamu 
Kurasa getaran, hasrat keinginanku yang tak pernah dapat terwujud 
Apa yang kudamba

Dalam dirimu kulihat semua
Mimpi-mimpi yang selalu kucari 
Yang selama ini, tersembunyi 
Ada dalam dirimu

Walau ada ragu, bimbinglah daku
Hanya kaulah mungkin 
Yang dapat membawa aku lepas dari segala yang kuragukan

Sambutlah tanganku, bawalah daku
Ingin kurasakan segala cita yang tak pernah dapat terwujud 
apa yang kudamba

Dalam dirimu kulihat semua
Mimpi-mimpi yang selalu kucari
Yang selama ini, tersembunyi 
Ada dalam dirimu

Dapatkah kiranya kuserahkan diriku bagi jiwamu
Hingga bertemu kedamaian

(by Ruth Sahanaya)

…so far all the moments seems too good to be true… a romantic setting and mood in every moment they shared that night… as if as God was given that night only for them… after listening to each other’s songs, the boy smiled and turn his face to the girl and said… “So..” and the girl said “So…what are you thinking of?” the boy smiled… that night became one of the most romantic nights the girl ever experienced… she was happy and so did the boy…

and… she left him and their La La land the next day….

months passed… seasons changed… then suddenly he changed… just out of the blue… where did it come from.. she confused.. everything was so fine.. they still had a romantic letters and long distance calls to each others a day before… she fell hard… cry hard… very hard… she had been very loyal and giving to him… she had made her feel loved and in love… but towards the end of that month, just like its season… the season of autumn… the leaves were falling and so did their relationship… 

it was a short relationship but also a long one, with and without commitment, it was a longest romantic relationship the girl ever had, cause it had started years before and ended years and years after… 

Finally, after getting a lot of support, she got up, picked up her pieces and stand up on her own… in a Far Far Away land, with helps of her alien friends… she moved on… start dating and stop listening to ALL the songs they’ve exchanged to each other (especially those two songs written above) and put away everything that reminded her to him…Although their friendship as best friend remains and keep going on… she determined to survive the pain…

After 4 years of avoiding “their songs”, she finally can move on better and live out of his shadow…

Surprisingly, right after she managed to forgive him and let him go, he came to the Far Away land… and tragically asking her back… deep inside, she torn again… however she didn’t want to show her weakness over him… she wanted to show that she had move on and she was very afraid if the boy would do such thing to her once again, deep inside, she desperately wanted to take him back because she still loved him so much… But then, she turned him down… 

…. years has passed… the girl already back to the La La Land… so much stories had happened between them.. so many good moments and few bad ones… but the most important thing is that they are still best friend now.. but the love for romantic relationship has gone… (only they know if it’s already gone completely or if there’s some left…)


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