Hari ini gue sama Angga kerja di ruangan Executive Director, bu Ning, ibunya Angga utk kali kedua… seru tapi serius.. hehehe gue ngga pernah seserius ini kerja ama Angga… biasanya ketawa-ketawa ngga keruan.. ngerjain USGC Design… tough work but fun…

Though I work hard, gue ada ganjalan di hati terhadap my hubby, Andy… too complicated too tell…. untung gue punya kerjaan untuk melampiaskan beban pikiran gue… my work and my students are my joy and happiness… they help me focus on my life… 

I have no idea what’s the future will be like… I am too afraid to think about it… I feel that I was a fool 13 years ago.. totally… how could I let *** away… dopey! now I am lost in this disfunction nuptial…. is this a matrimony out of pitty? or love? I thought it was love.. was it? or is it? pitty? there’s some of it… 

I want to fix it.. but I really don’t know where to start… ikhlas is the key… sabar is another key… is it too late to save it? or else?? I have no idea… it hurts.. real deep…

listening and sing along the song together with Angga helps me to forget about this whole thing temporarily… I love my job… thank God for giving me some… and after many songs, this song that plays, Separate Lives by Phil Collins almost coming to an end… and so this writing…


God please give me strength….

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