Today’s Journal and Late Night Snap

Dino picked me up at 7:30am today… and we picked up Roslyn… on the way from TB Simatupang to Tol Cikunir, we picked up Dino’s friend, Rianto… together we went to work in Cikarang…

Today, I am so tired… after teaching at PU, I felt some aches on my body muscles.. and I have some cold sweats too… and then, my migraine follows… oh God… I think I am getting sick… However, I am having some good times with my students and Roslyn, my very good friend. therefore, even though I feel sick, I am quite busy and happy, made me forget my muscles ache..

I also did some damage (again! kiki…!!!!) by having an expensive lunch at a Korean restaurant called Arang Galbi in Cikarang… it was pretty good.. (consider nothing is very good in cikarang hahahaha) Later, I regret spending too much money on that Korean food… since I bought that brand new Apple Powerbook Laptop, I must safe more money than before.. daaammnn… why is it always hard for me not to crave for some food!!!!!

Also, I forget to bring my cell phone today… I was “bete” at myself for leaving it on my bed.. especially I have plans tonite to see Dewi, Fitri, Ariyani and Eie… 

Finally I got home at 7pm, which usualy 5pm… Maceeett!!! going back home, we were out quite later than usual… but had fun time talking and discussing things… at 8pm, Fitri and my bestfriend Dewi pick me up at home to go to PIM2, then meet up with Ariyani and Eie…

cut it short, my friends and I were hanging out in Warung Betawi in PIM1… we were joking around and talks about life etc. I am getting sleepier.. today is not really my day.. I also having my period, which makes my mood unstable alias PMS… and this friend of mine said something that triggered my PMS to roar.. and then.. there I was.. I snapped at her… thought I felt bad but I didn’t care.. I am relieved…

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