hehehe.. heran.. ada orang gampang sekali ngamuk… marah dan kesinggung.. tapi dalam 1 menit bisa berubah 180 derajat! menjadi ramah dan sopan… ia pintar menasehati orang, tapi tidak suka dinasehati… buatnya dunia ini hanya dia yang paling benar… dan kalau sudah benci sama orang, bisa bisa ibaratnya kotoran manusia yang ia bencipun bisa di maki-maki.. apalagi orangnya! 

aduuuuhhh cape deeeehhh!!!!
well.. this is about somebody’s relatively young, not much of experiences, and already have kids.. not a teenagers… already in her thirties… her husband is not a person who get along well with people easily.. I feel sorry for her.. but most of all, I feel so sorry for the kids… I love them (the kids).. but at the same time I feel bad for them… it’s just that they have to put up with an unstable mom who can be nice and mean at the same time!
her appreciation to things and others are nothing… wasting some important possession of hers is so common… she wants some respects, but she doesn’t give any… she has too much paranoia and pressure to herself.. she makes things difficult and more complicated.. she feels people offend her, but never thinks that she offended others…
anyway… males banget ngomongin dia lama lama… just hoping that she’ll understand, that most of the things in life are not always turns out as we wanted… she can run, yes running.. just like what she’s been doing….. but it doesn’t solve any problems… well.. be my guest…! I am not the only person she has problem with.. and she likes to blame things on others including me… 
hhm.. I feel sad because she can be the very sweetest person… however, today after her bitching about somebody close to us in room, and I acted that I don’t want to involve in it neither giving her any of my opinions, she was MAD! the weird thing is.. right now.. as I type this posting right now, I am feeling that I don’t give a damn! She was angry.. really fucking angry knowing that I am a bit ignorant to what she’s been complaining about… I don’t agree to her, and yet I don’t want to offend her.. so I choose to act neutral.. and told her that I don’t want to discuss certain things… and there she goes… MAD as hell… she even judge me… well I don’t care… God knows..
it’s weird knowing that I am a type of person who thinks a lot and feel pressure… but now, I don’t! at this time, I don’t care about her.. I just hope she grows up.. I feel sorry for her kids… as I saw her pulled her one of her kid going out of my room… the kid cried.. I think she got hurt… 
hhgghh….*sigh… anyway… that’s for my posting today… hope something nicer come up that I can write something nice and happy…

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