I copy paste this note from my Facebook that I think really interesting and related to me

Stephanie Subeno’s Notes

Today at 6:08pm

im not in the mood to have contacts with other human beings,except through texts.
thats why lately ive been strolling only with nonon or always with a group that has 3 other people or less,or alone.
this will last until only-god-knows when.pardon me.


Kiki Hakim wrote
at 8:24pm

I have that same feeling quite a lot of times… I enjoy it though… being alone or just being surrounded with my chosen people that I feel comfortable the most….

and the only time I feel happy and joy surrounding with others (when I am not in the mood of socializing) is when I am around my students.. they are an exception.. perhaps, they are just like my own children since I don’t have any yet…

I support you.. being anti socializing sometimes… it’s not wrong… just enjoy till it last…



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