It Sucks To Be Me

Just got a call… sigh… kamis besok udah mulai ngajar lagi ya di LaSalle… kirain masih minggu depan….

I think I am running in a marathon with lots of schedules, goals, plans, dreams, deadlines, errands, this and that… too much… though I know I can manage to make them happen.. but I guess my body, my mind, my feeling and my instinct don’t synchronize well with each other…

This morning I am wondering life (again)… and my thought come across with a song from Avenue Q, “it sucks to be me”, that I just downloaded last nite.. it’s a hilarious song from that funny play from Broadway… at least it made me laugh… I watch the play in London last month… sangat mengesankan…

well, anyway… Everybody has their own problems and they all sucks!!!!!

jawabannya hanyalah.. bersyukur dan bersyukur atas apa yang sudah Allah beri untuk kita.. 
here’s the clip of the song…

it sucks to be me dadadadadada……


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