dari hasil percakapan gue dengan murid gue…. makes me want eerrr… feel that I have the needs and obligation to inform this issue on my blog..

so… this is what we come up….

people!!!!  listen up, this is how you pronounce some words in English:

McFlurry harusnya dibaca Mek Fluri (bukan Mek Flari!!!!)

Barbie harusnya dibaca Barbi (bukan Berbi)
Adobe harusnya dibaca Adobi (bukan Adob)
Blaupunkt harusnya dibaca Blaupung (bukan blaupang)
Hangout harusnya dibaca Hengaut (bukan heng Aut)
nah segitu dulu.. you can come up with some excuses, but still pronunciation should be right… kalo orang baca nama gue KIKI jadi Kai Kai kan gue juga ga rela… tetep Kiki lah!!…
well.. that’s it.. We are annoyed enough with this misread words and have an urge to get it off our chest…

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