Mother’s day

Today’s mother’s day, I didn’t say anything to my mom… my sisters and I been struggling to deal with her for a long time… she’s not someone who’s easy to get along with… very difficult to understand, a very complex human being whose often cranky, dominant, intimidating and sensitive… and right now, her moody mode is on and her pride is high…

In spite of her negative sides, she’s actually can be a very kind and generous person. She’s also a mother who cares so much about her family. Her love and attention to her kids makes he a possessive mother. My mother is very diligent, tidy and discipline person. She also very honest person, who’s her straight forward personality and character sometimes can damaging her relationship with others. She has all the good and bad, and she speaks her mind to anything.

I love my mother very much… she’s my mother who taught me a lot of value in life…. both my parents are everything to me… Even though she’s constantly angry and cranky most of the time, I still love her and pray for her after I pray 5 times a day… as a matter fact, I would do anything for her. But, sometimes her way of expressing herself can be the most hurtful thing I’ve ever experienced… and it really hurts coz I love her and want to have a (always) harmonious relationship with her… But her character creates the other way around, many of her siblings, my sisters and I had pretty tough time getting along well with her at all times.. we really have to oppress our feeling by understanding (memaklumi) her character and personality… but as a child who loves her mother, the most hurtful one is seeing her pushing some people who truly care and love her unconditionally away from her because of her negative traits…
So today, I will pray for her to Allah for her wonderful life dunia dan akhirat, beg for Allah’s forgiveness on her, to give her health, happiness, kebaikan dan kelembutan hati.. keikhlasan dan (yang terpenting) kesabaran untuk mama…
happy mother’s day mom… sorry that I cannot say it to you since you are doing your style on silent treatment on us…. I just wish you to be a more happy person and take it easy on many things… not angry with everything… I wish you to be less on sweating small stuff and less uptight person… I am sad seeing lots of people are building their fence when they get near you and creating distant too… 
I love you mom and I wish all the best for you… 

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