My Dream Vacation

based on my Facebook Status this morning: “Kiki is pingin ada di pulau indah, nongkrong di depan pantai, nulis sambil dengerin musik dalam tenang dan damai, feel the breeze, smell the ocean.. hhmm…”

and some friends responded… then after reviewing some sites, my reaction is…

SUMPAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Gue ngiler ngidam ngecesss abis liat Pimalai Resort di Thailand!!! Sumpaaahhhhh!!! tapi ngga mau bayar fiskal.. ngga mau bayar pake dollar buat beli tiket pesawat… tapi kok pariwisata di Indonesia ngga ada website yang memuat info dan gambar seperti resort ini yaaa.. padahal alamnya ga kalah indah!!! HIKS…

Check this out! (I post a couple of photos from their website)

I wish to be there, just like what I wrote on my Facebook status

This is heaven on earth! Wish to stay in this room.. hhmmm…

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