My Trip to London (…continued…)

October 17th 2008

Setelah belasan jam terbang, jam 05:45 am kita landing di LHR (London Heathrow Airport)… sebelum mendarat gue sempetin motret pemandangan London di waktu subuh…

light up and clear view from my window, good morning London…!
The blue round thing is London’s Eye!
Kita akhirnya keluar dengan lancar… udara diluar dingin banget.. but I love cold weather! London Heathrow is a very busy airport. Begitu nyampe kita disambut Ibrahim yang jemput kita subuh-subuh… I miss my youngest brother very much! Lalu kita langsung keluar untuk naik taxi, tapi karena masing-masing megang trolley penuh dengan barang, semua taxi jadi ragu untuk ngangkut kita altogether…
We finally went back inside to check and make sure if there’s a van type of taxi for us… while waiting for Ibrahim to ask the information, we shot some photos…

my mom and her baggage

happy me!

my pretty sister Alia
We finally made it riding a taxi altogether after we re-arrange our luggage… we only push 2 trolleys and “hide” some other small bags by holding and carrying them… Finally, we got a nice London’s Taxi with a very nice driver… everybody and everything fit in 1 cab… cool… and here we are, arriving safely and excitingly at Ibrahim’s flat in South Kensington, London.
Ibrahim’s apartment

nice street sign

Malamnya kita jalan untuk makan malam. Sebelum naik tube (underground/subway), kita foto-foto dulu.. hehehe

Ibrahim, Kiki dan Mama

Alia, Ibrahim dan Mama

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