25 Random Things About Me


25 Random Things About Me Share
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Since everybody doing this and I was tagged by some friends, here I’ll spill some things about me…

1. When I was a baby & up to 6 year old, every evening my dad used to carrying me around the house and sing me some lullabies before I sleep… he had a beautiful voice…

2. My first crush was when I was 8 or 9 with my neighbor named Lucky 😛 he sent me flowers and silver queen chocolate every evening…

3. I used to hate my name coz it sounds like a boy’s name. But now I love it.

4. I hate when somebody talk or ask me about my weight problem.. I know that dammit!!!! and I don’t need you to tell me about it!!!! and Yes, I remember when I was slim and do you think I don’t want to have it back???!!!! it’s really annoying!.. and the best line I created when somebody talk to me about my weight is when I said “Iya, Kiki gemuk kan karena papa dan aku engga kena krismon… jadi masih bisa seenaknya makan makanan yang mahal2 dan banyak pula” (in English is like: “Yes, of course I’m overweight just because the economic crisis in Indonesia doesn’t affect /give any impact to me and my family, so I still can eat whatever I want even the most expensive food in an expensive restaurant anytime I want)… and those stupid moron suddenly became very quiet with a very bitter smile… Rasain!

5. I want to have an American greencard so I can live there (again) as long as I want

6. The best trip ever is, always… when I go Umroh… everytime I visit Mecca, Madinah and Jeddah, I always feel the best vacation ever!

7. I love Paris… I have visited Paris many times and I never get bored there… I wish to go there again soon..

8. and If I have sooooo much money, I will take everyone I love and care to Paris and Umroh to Mecca and Madinah… and I will also bring my servants, my security guards and my driver for the trips…

9. The best gank for me is Geng Jockey!!!! I love the friendship we have.. the BEST team ever!

10. First time I got surgery (operasi) was when I was in 4th grade for appendix (usus buntu)

11. I almost died at 3 year old for swallowed Rambutan’s seed (kelesek biji rambutan bo’!)

12. I am addicted with spa and massage… I love to be pampered

13. I would like to name my future daughter Alexandra

14. I am a clean freak and afraid of germs

15. I am a cry baby… I pity people and animals easily and cry easily when see or hear touchy stories/moment and films…

16. I never take out price sticker after I buy things…

17. I once wanted to be an Indonesian minister of Tourism to make some changes for our beautiful country

18. I believe having quality friends is much much better than quantity friends ( this I believe since I was in high school, where people tend to have more friends feel the coolest)…

19. and I Loathe some people I know whom their circle of friends are really proud of themselves and judge others on everything based on looks, not the inner side…

20. I wanted to become an astronaut and a doctor. I thought it was the coolest thing…

21. Every night and day since I was in high school up to now, I think about building my dream house

22. Most of the info “About Me” is posted on my tagged site http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=11100345

23. I Thank GOD for feeling very fortunate and grateful with what I have… (family, friends, possession, and many more)

24. When I’m sick, especially if I am very very ill, please take me to MMC (Metropolitan Medical Center Hospital) and find Dr. Poer from the ICU.

25. and When I die, I would like to be burried in Tanah Kusir, like my dad…


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