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Kiki Hakim Lagi pingin banget banget tinggal di kota yang punya 4 musim, kemana2 bisa jalan kaki kemana2 tanpa takut copet-rampok, debu, polusi, motor2 gila, bis-angkot ngeselin, bisa pake boots-topi-syal-whatever dress tanpa dinilai aneh sama orang2, bisa jalan ke taman utk nyantai dan nyari ide2 kreatif atau utk sport, naik bis-subway yg nyaman, ketemu banyak orang dimana aja utk punya kenalan baru atau ketemu teman lama…

if I can write what’s in my mind and heart… here it is…

God.. I miss London, I miss New York, I miss San Francisco….
I miss living or being in a western countries… where you can walk to school (or work) in the morning, riding a bus or subway, having lunch at a nearby deli or café (or even food stand!), take a stroll in the afternoon to the park, sitting in front of a lake (man-made lake too) just to chill, take some pictures, to draw or jogging around the lake in that park… or at night I miss going to downtown for some window shopping or seeing some plays at some theatres, hanging out in some bars, clubs, restaurants or even bookstores… everywhere I can meet with people, new and old faces, stranger or known… and in some places that I am being able to see and be seen by people… meeting and seeing different people, feeling lively, having a dynamic life… fresh air, cool dress, stylish and trendy.. without concern what other people will judge about my looks…. Fat or thin, dark skin or lighter skin, curly hair or straight hair… everything…

I want to date some nice guys… steady with one great man…. I want all the romanticism, beautiful life, great spirit, all positive aura… I want to live in a very nice atmosphere, a healthy environment, everything but where I am at right now… perhaps it is too much to ask to you God… maybe I should be thankful and more fortunate with what you have given me… trust me God, I am.. I am feeling very fortunate and blessed to you… but I am just a human, I make mistakes… and perhaps I am so wrong now by saying and writing this to you… but please God.. pleaaseee.. I am sitting low, lifting my hands, praying to you… please give me the life that I am longing at this moment… please….



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