This is the first time for me posting on my blog using my Blackberry… There are so much I want to say.. For now I only can say some random words…

I am at my fragile stage… I have hate and I have love… I cry and Scream! I want to run and hide at the same time. I have huge regret!!! I have faith and personal peace of mind… I want to drink some pleasure drinks (alcohol yeah!) But I can’t and don’t want to since now I have gained my faith with my religion… Also coz I don’t want to go to hell!!! I want to commit some sins but I love Allah more than anything and that prevent me from doing those sins!!… I want to fly,, but I don’t have wings… I am still waiting for the right knight to save me from the castle stranded in the middle of this jungle.. This is me screaming at my fagile state of mind.. Fragile stage of one human body… Fragile love life and laugh… This is me… Hoping for a better tomorrow….


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  1. intansusan Said:

    mungkin ini cuma jawaban klise. tapi aku cuma bisa bilang ” yang sabar ya Ki ” *hugs*

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