Pagi ini sungguh special… I had a great conversation with him… an open discussion on each other’s thoughts and feelings… it was wonderful….. the more we open up, the more we believe that our love is so strong that we are afraid to ruin it.. and we both decided to be each other’s bestfriends forever till we die…. I think I have never been so ikhlas banget banget in my life when it comes to the story of him and I… an almost 17 years of having bestfriend-lover relationship… we are now in a very good stage…

too bad I cannot record all our conversation on my journal like I used to do years years ago… our Blackberry Messenger cannot record the whole history of our conversation.. but that’s ok… perhaps that’s what’s best for me, otherwise it will be very painful to open up that journal in many years to come (like when I open my journal of our stories-sms-email-chat-phonecalls-music-etc. from our past, those about us that I always recorded on my precious book)…

anyway.. terima kasih Ya Allah.. Engkau sungguh maha besar maha sempurna.. Tuhanku… yang memberikan aku selalu keindahan cinta dan keberkahan dalam hidup aku… yang selalu memberikan aku kebahagiaan diatas kesedihanku… memberikan rejeki yang berlimpah padaku dan keluargaku…. Terima kasih Ya Allah engkau lindungi aku dalam hidupku.. Terima kasih Engkau berikan hidup yang indah di dunia… berikan aku cobaan untuk melatih kesabaranku serta keihklasanku… sungguh aku benar benar bersyukur atas hidup yang kau gariskan kepadaku.. Alhamdulilah ya Allah…. Aku hamba-Mu yang hina yang sangat mencintai-Mu..

Terima Kasih atas hari indah di pagi ini…..


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