BBM chain message: RuLes! :-)

This is the first useful chain message on BBM, so please Just Read It And Understand

1 – Never send religious message chains, seriously, it doesn’t work. It just shows your hypocrisy.

2 – Don’t write anything in your status that mentions or insults another person.

3 – No one is “happy”, 3 hours later ”mad”, 1 hour later “bored”, then ”sad” or “angry”, etc. Go to a shrink or search for some professional help. Do not declare it publicly.

4 – If your girlfriend or boyfriend / wife or husband, cheats on you…. Please understand that no one is interested to know that you and ur partner broke up and ur calling him a fucking retard So, don’t write it in your status.

5 – If you want to text someone so badly, respect his/her ”busy” status if its on. And people please don’t try to act busy by putting on ur so called “busy” status.

6 – Don’t change your Nickname/status, like 500 times a day. Its not cool anymore, it would just let everyone know how lifeless you are.

7 – For god sake Blackberry hackers and viruses don’t exist. The Blackberry and I-Phone are virus free technologies.

8 – No dead woman will haunt/sleep with you if u don’t re send this chain.

9- stop broadcasting the match scores we own a TV thank you 🙂

10- There is no phone company in the world that is going to give a poor family some money everytime you broadcast this msg

11- THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!! BBM providers are NOT going to “delete” or “remove” you if you don’t broadcast a stupid msg.


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